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Our Marquette is a group of concerned tenured and tenure-track faculty working in solidarity with our students and colleagues to stand strong for a transformative Jesuit education.

In Fall of 2020 Marquette's senior administrators announced a substantial COVID-related budget deficit that must be addressed in order for the University to continue to function. Disturbingly, their proposed solution to the problem promises to radically alter the quality of a Marquette education, its value on the job market, and its aspiration to be "among the most innovative and accomplished Catholic and Jesuit universities in the world." Specifically,  senior administrators have called for the "sun-setting" or elimination of programs with lower enrollments, the creation of massive lecture classes, and the dismissal of hundreds of faculty and staff. Many of these cuts will target disciplines that are essential to  a liberal arts education, and thus to Marquette's Jesuit identity and core values.

When pressed to justify these cuts, Marquette’s senior administrators have refused to share pertinent information, respond directly and in detail to questions raised by faculty and staff, or to consider alternatives. The changes Marquette needs to make should not be made carelessly or in a spirit of panic. Most importantly, they should not come at the expense of Marquette's Jesuit mission, core values, and community.

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Proposed Cuts Our Vision Timeline Myths and Facts

Open letters

Several groups on campus have voiced their concerns over the proposed budget cuts and their recommendations moving forward. Read their  open letters to the University's administrative officers and trustees.

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