What are the proposed cuts?

The Lovell administration proposed a plan that could result in mass layoffs. That is not a solution to a short-term problem. That is a knife to the heart of a liberal arts education.

Before Fall 2020, the administration had already eliminated 75 positions, and fired 24 staff, including the ombudsperson for campus employees, and instituted a punitive demonstration policy on campus. Faculty and staff have already suffered a 403b suspension (retirement match), an elimination of the merit program (the only raise most faculty receive at Marquette), and eliminated or reduced professional development funds. In January of 2021, an additional 39 staff were also fired, just a few days before the Spring semester began. In March of 2021, we found out that an undisclosed number of non tenure track faculty were not renewed for the following academic year, while some were demoted to part time and others were only guaranteed appointments for one semester. 

These numbers do not include staff and faculty colleagues who have already departed or will be departing as a result of the pressures to retire, nor the unfilled positions that have been canceled or suspended, and represent more heavy lifting for the employees who remain.

Proposed cuts

Program reviews, "sunsetting," and potential program eliminations resulting in layoffs, consolidation, and reduced majors, programs, and courses for our students.     

Increased teaching loads across the University and larger class sizes, resulting in higher teacher-student ratios, devastating the teacher-scholar model central to Marquette, and less time, ability, and resources for faculty to practice "cura personalis" with their students - care for the whole person.

Changes to sabbatical policies, reducing faculty resources, access, and time available for pedagogical advances, research, and new discoveries central to the academic vocation and to bringing experiential learning and research to the classroom.

Disinvestment in initiatives to become a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), that hurts the diversity and experiences of our students, faculty, staff, and communities.