Marquette’s guiding values commit it to “the search for truth, the discovery and sharing of knowledge, and the development of leadership expressed in service.” People are the heart of these values - students, staff, and faculty. As a Jesuit institution that directs its students to become “women and men for others,” Marquette should place care for its community at the center of its mission.

A Better Way Forward

How did we possibly get here? Our administrators have for years ignored the fundamental principles of shared governance. It’s time that we - faculty, staff, and students - have a full seat at the table, and that we have the ability to make informed decisions about the university we all care so much about.
In the spirit of discernment, the type of long-term structural adjustments that the administration is proposing must be made in a careful, deliberate way with full consultation of faculty, staff, and students,complete transparency, and without laying off hundreds of career employees into a severe economic recession. These changes will involve investing in the institution to meet the student body of the 2020s rather than making haphazard, across-the-board cuts in a spirit of panic. The current administrative response does not reflect Marquette's values, or protect its people.