Open letters

Open letter from Marquette Jesuit community 

"As Jesuits, our approach must be to begin with the ends we wish to attain, and only after those ends are firmly grasped do we then consider means to attain them. [...] Marquette is not a business; rather, it is an apostolate of the Society of Jesus."

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Open letter from Marquette STEM faculty

"To undercut the humanities and the social sciences is to surrender the Jesuit ideal of forming young men and women for others. Theses disciplines are what teach our students that assertion is not argument and opinion is not evidence—matters of discernment that are sorely needed in these times."

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Open letter from Marquette Faculty Council

"Faculty understand that Marquette is facing a budget crisis. Instruction is how Marquette generates the bulk of its revenues. In order to close our budget gap, Marquette should focus on decreasing administrative expenses at a far greater rate than instructional costs."

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Letter of Resolution from the Committee on Research

"Jesuit education calls for more than mere schooling in received wisdom. It demands mutual engagement of faculty and students in a continual and common search for truth and justice. Research and scholarship are essential to the creation of the culture needed to establish the intellectual and moral growth and excellence required of our students."

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Second Languages and Jesuit Core Education: A Position Piece

"Since the foundation of the Society of Jesus by Ignatius Loyola to the present day, the study of languages, both classical and modern, has formed a core and constituent charism of Jesuit education. Ignatius’ own attention to the study of Latin—documented in his autobiography—served more than a practical theological purpose."

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