Make your voice heard

If you are a student...

Get in touch with Students for MU Faculty

Reach out to  Students for MU Facultya student organization in support of the hundreds of Marquette faculty at risk of losing their jobs, and ask them how you can help their efforts. 

  • Follow their Instagram account to keep up with the latest developments 
  • Attend rallies, information sessions and other events
  • Find and sign petitions
Write to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

Your opinion matters. If you tell Marquette’s senior administration you disapprove of these cuts, and want to find a solution that preserves Marquette’s community and core values, they might listen. 

Need ideas? Here's a sample email

Talk to your advisor

Reach out to your advisor to find out how these cuts will affect you and your ability to complete your major(s)/minor(s). Here are some questions you can ask:

“I’ve been hearing that because Marquette has fired teachers, my class sizes might go up and I might have fewer course options. Could you tell me what changes are happening in this department? Did we fire any teachers? How will this affect my major and my time to graduation? What else should I expect?”

Contact the Dean of your College

Let your Dean know how you feel about the cuts and how they will affect you as a Marquette student. If you are not sure who your Dean is, here's a list by college: